Destination: Nowhere Near


All the pieces of me
that I’ve gathered
over the years
are scattered again.


If you’re trying to
break me,
fracture me,
hurt me,
you’re doing a damn
good job of it,
because tonight I was screaming
into the hollow night air
for your fists,
waving my bloodied white flag
at the waning…

When you left,
I counted everyday,

With nothing to say.

But now I see,
that it is you,
given the chance,
sees just you.

I used to be sad,
and a little mad,
People told me,
Just be glad,

he’s gone with the days,
just stay awake,
Just stay awake.

No matter the night,
I can’t win the fight,
I scream,
I run,
I die,

I dream,
I wake in the night,
I can’t win the fight,
Will I do anything right?

Myself (via idontwantyourboringlife)

He told me I was his safety net. I’m trying not to let him fall.” // l.k.c

She’s screaming,
Save me,
But the water’s in her lungs,
She’s screaming,
Help me,
But her rope’s already hung.

kcm; 3:08am Screams (via awes0me)

"Don’t Love a Broken Boy"


I once loved a boy with a broken heart

And he told me

No one ever stayed

No one ever let him keep a heart

No one truly loved him

But I think the saddest of them all

Was how he told me love was blind

And I didn’t truly understand

Until I couldn’t see him anymore


I can hear the electricity in
your bones. When I touch
your skin, it stings. You told
me that it is because of the moon.
It is broken in the middle and
its scream has pierced you. 

"poem 3," n.a 


i love you

Being drunk for the third time this week doesn’t make me feel as I expected. It makes me want to scream at everything and everyone but instead of screams, laugher is coming out of my mouth and tears are streaming down my face.

A.W. (via captainfries)



Don’t wake me Mr. Boogeyman
Please just let me sleep
Retract your claws
Forget my flaws
Please hide your snarling teeth.

Maybe what they say is true
That it’s all inside my head
So I’ll scream and shout
And cut you out
Until we both are dead.

There were the nights
When you would
Pathetically scream
“Somebody save me!”

No one can hear you,my darling
When we’re lonely we remember
Calling your name in the storm
Made me weaker.

the storms,lab (via exocus)

I’ve had so many knives stuck into me, when they hand me a flower I can’t quite make out what it is. It takes time.

Charles Bukowski, Screams From the Balcony (via poeticallibra)